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Dave and Laqueta Tomlinson

Saying, I will declare thy name unto my brethren, in the midst of the church will I sing praise unto thee.

(Heb 2:12)

Our Mission

Showing the love of GOD

Every service we have the privilege to conduct is designed to share the immense love that our Father has for the forgotten and the lonely.

Sharing the power of GOD

We have experienced the life changing power of GOD's love in our own lives and family; sharing our story, we are bringing hope to the lives of men in every prison we serve

Saving souls and lives

The only power to change lives and bring reconciliation to the hearts and minds of broken people is the grace and love of Yahweh himself through a living relationship with Yehusha (Jesus), the Messiah

About Us

Giving to those who can not give

The incarcerated church is totally dependent upon believers on the outside to help them with Bibles, Bible Studies, sound equipment, chord sheets, worship CDs and instruments.

The Incarcerated Church

Men and women are putting their personal safety and even their lives on the line every day by standing for the Gospel of Jesus Christ in some of the most violent places in America

Setting the captive free... to know and to worship God.

Partner with us as we carry the message of redemption and reconciliation behind prison walls. Lives are being changed and hope is being realized, families are being reconciled; but most importantly, GOD is being glorified through the mighty works HE is doing in their lives.

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Inside Worship